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Age Gracefully With Probiotics

Posted on02 Apr 2019
Your health needs will require that you change what you eat, which may mean adding things you haven’t tried before. Your doctor or other health experts might recommend that you add more of certain foods to your diet. One commonly suggested addition is fermented food.

But why fermented food?

The term ‘fermented’ just means that the food item has been through the natural process of lacto fermentation, which creates healthy bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics have alot of significant benefits, which is why you should try to eat them on a daily basis. Probiotics are great because they get many jobs done at once.

They work to regulate your digestive tract while also boosting your immune system to help prevent and fight illnesses. Probiotics help your body to absorb more nutrients and vitamins from food sources. People sometimes get afraid from eating probiotics because they are termed as bacteria. However, probiotics are actually helpful to your body, which is why they are known as good bacteria.

Science have shown that good bacteria can replace bad bacteria and the only reason why you need good bacteria is to maintain a 80/20 balanced ratio of good and bad bacteria in your gut flora. Fermented foods though are good, however you might not like the taste or you would not know the amount of probiotics that are present in the food that you consume. Thus a good probiotic such as lactomin or lactokids can make up for the optimal amount of probiotics you or your child requires daily.

Probiotics are an important part of your health, especially for those over 40, taking care of your health matters more than ever to age gracefully in the later years.