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24 May 2021

The Science behind Probiotics and why it works

We have trillions of bacteria living on or in us – and over 80% of these live in our gut. Over thousands of years of co-evolution, we have developed a way of working together with our bacteria, which play a hugely...
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10 May 2021

You are as healthy as your gut

The human microbiota consists of the 10 -100 trillion symbiotic microbial cells harboured by each person, primarily bacteria in the gut. This shows if our gut is healthy, we are generally healthy!
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05 May 2021

Pay to test your poop gaining popularity

More people are paying more attention to their health these days. Even with new services that provide kits and advise in testing your poop, shows gut health is critical to overall health.
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26 Apr 2021

How do you keep your immunity strong in times of a pandemic?

One of the immune system’s jobs is to protect us from harmful bacterial. And the beneficial organisms that we refer to as probiotics contribute to this effort in many ways.
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31 Mar 2021

Many Singaporeans lack vitamin D

Why is Vitamin D important? Vitamin D1 is also found in Lactomin and Lactokids + Probiotics
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23 Feb 2021

Your Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Guide (Published by NUH)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in Singapore - One the most common infections - especially among women - is an infection of the urinary tract. About 40% of women develop a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point in...
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18 Feb 2021

Any good with SkinCare Probiotics?

Probiotics are now showing postitive results for SkinCare products! CNA featured on why probiotics are good for the skin.
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02 Feb 2021

NRMCC noltec microencapsulation for probiotic protection

Probiotics Protection and Survivability This is the most important factor to consider in a probiotic supplement. Make sure the live cultures in your supplement can actually reach your intestines. That’s why you need...
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26 Jan 2021

Beware of asthma, eczema flaring up, say doctors in Singapore

From cold to hot, Singapore's changing weather patterns are affecting our health. "The change in humidity can weaken a person's immune system, making one more susceptible to germs and viruses, and more likely to fall...
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