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Coronavirus: Lower immunity likely makes older adults more vulnerable, says expert

Posted on13 Mar 2020
SINGAPORE - Nearly one in two confirmed coronavirus patients here is aged 50 and above. This could likely be due to their "lower immunity and reduced physiological reserves", said Associate Professor Hsu Li Yang, infectious diseases programme leader at the National University of Singapore's Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.

Physiological reserves refer to the capability of an organ to carry out its activity under stress. Said Prof Hsu: "The elderly as well as those with chronic medical conditions, such as heart and lung disease, have generally been more vulnerable to infections, including other more common bacterial infections and even influenza."

In Singapore, out of 178 patients as of Wednesday (March 11), 41 of them are in their 50s, 30 are in their 60s and 10 are aged 70 and above. Prof Hsu noted that it is plausible that senior citizens are more likely to become very sick and are going to the hospitals. "Hence, they are more likely to be diagnosed as confirmed cases rather than young people, who might recover when they stay at home."

Children, if infected, seem to have a mild form of the disease, known as Covid-19.

"Many of my friends, including myself, support the measure. We are all afraid of contracting the virus. If we get it at this age, there may be complications and it won't be easy to recover from it."

Source: ST 11/03/2020

As people age, health needs escalate and interest in health generally increases as well. You are responsible for your well being, only you can make the change for better health.

We should not fear the virus, but be smart on what the virus is about, how it infects, how can you take preventive measures and how you can build your immunity.

Probiotics are part of the strategy for many consumers and health practitioners. Efforts to translate this groundbreaking knowledge into viable health care prevention and treatment continue to progress beyond the more established microbial sites such as the gastrointestinal tract and the easily accessible ones. Indeed, mounting evidence suggests that the microbiota influences health beyond the customary sites. 70% of your immune function resides in your gut, taking care of that, you have already taken care of the 70% immunity needed in your body.
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