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Cranberry Extract Benefits

Posted on22 Sep 2019
Since cranberry pills or powdered cranberries are made from dried, powdered cranberries, they contain an even higher concentration of antioxidants than fresh fruit or prepared products like cranberry juice.

Even though cranberry extract are made from dried, powdered cranberries, their antioxidant content remains active. In fact, taking cranberry supplements every day for 6-8 weeks has been shown to significantly reduce markers of oxidative stress in the body In general, research has found that taking 500–1,500 mg of dried cranberry powder per day prevents urinary tract infections.

Newer research has focused on the concentration of proanthocyanidins, as they are one of the main active ingredients in cranberry pills. 36 mg per serving appear to be the most effective at preventing urinary tract infections LactoCran + has 500mg of cran-max per sachet and contains 60mg of PAC per sachet.

This is effective for helping to relieve UTI.

SUMMARY There is no official recommended dosage for cranberry pills, but taking at least 500 mg of powdered cranberry or 36 mg of proanthocyanidins per day appears to prevent urinary tract infections.