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Cranmax in Lactocran an approved UTI medical claim

Posted on13 Sep 2019

CranMax the Only Cranberry Extract Approved Claim

Cranmax, a cranberry extract has been approved and supported by a health claim in the Korean market, after the nation's regulatory approved a claim linking it to urinary tract infection.

Cranmax is widely used in the USA in application for relieving urinary tract infections, and in the European union. The approval from the Korean food and drug administration (KFDA) means it can now can be used to help relieve UTI.

Cran-max is a whole berry concentrate using a proprietary process that utilizes all parts of the fruit, including the skin, seeds, pulp, juice and fiber.

It does not contain solvent, preservative, sugars, water, flavorings or colour.

The commissioner of KFDA noted in official documents it is an approved functional food ingredient according to article 10 of the regulation on approval of functional ingredient for urinary tract health."

Cranmax which is recommended at 500mg dose a day is supported by a number of scientific studies.

Recently researchers from St Francis college, Mt Sinai school of medicine, and New York university reported that the anti-bacterial benefits maybe matched by anti-viral benefits (phytomedicine)

According to Dean Mosca the claim approval from KFDA demonstrates that "worldwide authorities are recognizing the efficacy and ultimate benefit of consuming Cran-Max to support urinary tract health for both men and women.

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