Customer Reviews

"I was having stomach problems, diarrhea for 2-3 days, Watsons pharmacist recommended Lactomin, took 3 sachets twice daily, next day, stomach condition improved and diarrhea stopped. Never took probiotics before, this is remarkable! Been taking daily now! Highly recommend!"

- Frank Tan

"I was in Jakarta, and had bad travellers diarrhea, a colleague of mine passed me a few sachets of Lactomin, was totally impressed by the speed of relieving my diarrhea! Within an hour, it was gone and i could focus on my work agenda! Love Lactomin!"

- Joseph S

"I am a health care avid, am more concerned with preventative care than I am with trying to fix a problem once it happens. That being said, I have now been taking Lactomin for well over 3 weeks now and I have really noticed a big difference in my overall digestive health, in fact it has returned me to my regular schedule. The taste is so good, too good to be true on the taste! It makes taking probiotics so easy! I haven't experienced any stomach issues since then. It is now my permanent addition to my daily supplement regimen. Highly recommend Lactomin!"

- Amy Lim

"My dad is over 60 years old and has been expereincing loose bowels movement frequently for the last few years, so he had to eat charcoal pills to stop the movement. Until he started trying Lactomin a few months ago, he felt Lactomin really helped his health and well being. Now he does not experience the daily loose bowel movements, feels so much healthier, is able to control his diet and his trips to the rest room. He highly recommends to his friends and others who would like to improve their digestive system and immune function."

- Lu Fei

"A friend recommended Lactomin to me, i gave it to my 5 year old son who was having constant diarrhea problems. It helped him, after a few rounds of 3 sachets per day, his gut improved tremendously and now is as good as new! He does not have any diarrhea problems anymore, Highly recommend for kids with digestion issues."

- Nikki Toyo

"Thank you Lactomin! The quality of my life everyday has dramatically improved! I take one daily and ever since then by bowels have improved dramatically! Can feel it! Amazing!"

- Stephanie Goh

"Lactomin has made a great difference in my life! After taking it daily, it has improved my immunity and my digestion is so much better and easier now!"

- Linda Lee

"I have gone through so much difficulty with a problematic digestive system, till one day, I was introduced Lactomin. As I travel to developing countries very often, I am exposed to poor hygiene and multitude of nasty bacteria. After taking Lactomin daily, my gut has improved tremendously, I don't experience that intense difficulty with my gut and Lactomin has also helped built a stronger digestive system which I can support this claim as I am less vulnerable to having digestive problems when I travel. It's a product that has helped me a lot and I highly recommend to everyone!"

- Yvonne H

"For over 5 years my digestive tract has been like a volatile stock market. Then a year ago, my aunt said that she was having a problem with her digestive tract and she had started taking Lactomin probiotics daily, and she felt so much better. So, I tried them, and after 5 years of my digestive tract controlling me, I finally got in control of my digestive tract. I love this product. It taste so good and works great. Make sure you drink water after taking the powder probiotics!"

- Johnson Yap

"After spending so much money and so much time trying expensive probiotic products, I finally purchased Lactomin about a 2 weeks ago. I was surprised at how quickly it began to work! I take one in the morning, and all is well! Best part it is priced reasonably and cheaper than other probiotic brands, plus it works as well, if not even better!"

- Asher Chan

"A friend told me about this after I told her of my digestive problems. I was not sure I wanted to take on a daily basis. But when my GP agreed I should be taking them. I decided to give it a shot. I have now been taking Lactomin daily for about 2 years and what a difference it really makes! My digestive problems are all gone!"

- Rick Clay

"My 7 year old daughter loves taking lactomin! She just can't stop popping lactomin! Good thing it a supplement, if not i will be in trouble. She takes once a day, sometimes twice. I have seen her gut improved as she does everything with ease and daily. The taste is so good, she says its like taking "Horlicks sweet!" With a healthy digestive system taken care of, she can focus on her priorities."

- Jessie Ong

"As i travel frequently, My wife will always pass me a few sachets of Lactomin for every business trip. Never did take, till on my China trip, came down with very bad diarrhea and had no choice but to take Lactomin. I must say, not only do i need to thank my wife, but Lactomin too! Saved me from the agony of bad diarrhea, very high efficacy, after taking 4 sachets, the diarrhea stopped and my system restored. Ever since then, believed in Lactomin. I am taking it daily too as it has help my digestion alot, especially from lots of entertaining. Great product"

- Lincoln Daniels

"Lactomin is retailing at Guardian pharmacy too! My 5 year old son came down with diarrhea, bought Lactomin at Guardian, gave him 3 sachets after each meal. Amazingly, after the 3rd meal, his diarrhea stopped. This probiotic really works! All natural and no side effects, this is what i really love about probiotics! Been taking it as a family everyday to maintain a healthy digestion too!"

- Lisa Tan

"My family doctor recommended Lactomin to me when i was having stomach upset, i told my doctor i do not want probiotics and wanted Imodium. However he said "this is better to relieve, easier to restart the system" I took Lactomin for 2 days as indicated, and wow! It not only treated by diarrhea, i could answer the call with ease. I am now an advocate of Lactomin! My entire family takes it now."

- Lee Soong Kee

"Thank you lactomin! A friend recommended lactomin and at first I was skeptical, thought what good can a probiotic do for me? However decided to give it a try, surprisingly, after taking lactomin for a few days, answering the call of nature became easier and better. I felt so relieved! Now i do not suffer from diffculty of answerimg the call. Amazing probiotic that really helps me!"

- Sam Goodridge

"My GP recommended lactomin for my diarrhea, after taking lactomin for 2 days, my diarrhea improved and was relieved! Effective and easy probiotic to take, it is so palatable that i even love the taste! Thumbs up!"

- Oliver Lam

"I have been taking Lactomin for the past 2 months, it is a very good probiotic product. It helped my digestion, improved the condition of my gut as i was experiencing loose stool frequently, but it return to normal after 4 days of taking 3 sachets of Lactomin daily. Now been taking one a day and never been better! I have been recommending to most of my friends."

- Jeffrey Lim

"For the past 2 years, i have been taking a couple of probiotic brands. Most of them claim many benefits, however in reality, i do not see the results. I came across Lactomin and decided to give it a try. This is one brand i can confidently conclude it works! It helped treat my travellers diarrhea and ever since taking it regularly, my digestion has improved tremendously."

- Esther Gopal

"I was suffering from IBS, was recommended to try Lactomin, ever since then, my problems were gone and i am back to my normal self. Truly value for $ and effective probiotics!"

- Danny See

"Hi there, just to let Lactokids know that ever since my daughter who is 6 months old has been having bloated stomach daily. She has been taking Lactokids daily and has helped to prevent bloatedness, i have seen her gut health improved and also has helped in constipation. I will continue to buy Lactokids because it works! Thank you"

- Sandra Chan