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Don't leave home without Lactomin

Posted on05 Jun 2019

Probiotics: A Traveler's must

All of the good and bad bacteria in our body make up our microbiome, and a balanced one—with plenty of good bacteria—balances our immune system, regulates our blood sugar, helps us absorb nutrients, and even controls our mood. Beneficial bacteria (or probiotics) also work to prevent damage to our gut lining and to crowd out any bad, pathogenic bacteria that try to settle in.

However, when our probiotic population is too low and our microbiome becomes unbalanced, we can become susceptible to pathogenic bacteria that we encounter in our travels. Many aspects of our modern lifestyles can deplete the good bacteria in our gut. From food laden with chemicals and antibiotics to a heavily processed and sugary diet, antibacterial products, and even stress, several factors can deplete the beneficial microbes we’re inherently meant to have.

Load Up With Probiotics

Studies show that probiotics may play a pretty important role in preventing temporary traveler’s diarrhea. In an in vitro trial, a variety of Lactobacillus strains were able to inhibit the growth of E. Coli and in a human study, probiotics reduced the risk of travelers developing temporary diarrhea from 7.4% to 3.9% per day2.

The best travel insurance for your health is taking a daily clinically proven multi-strain probiotic formula like Lactomin or Lactokids + Probiotics. With targeted strains, Lactomin/Lactokids utilizes Noltec double microencapsulation technology, a patented delivery method that transports live probiotics deep into your gut, so they can set up and start protecting you before and during your trip.

You don’t even have to worry about refrigeration! Lactomin / Lactokids doesn’t require any refrigeration for easy transport and storage on your trip. It is individually packed in sachets, provides convenience, as you need not take the whole box along for a 5 or 7 days trip. Just pack 5 or 7 sachets respectively based on the number of days of travel. This makes it highly convenient!

Vacations should be spent on enjoyment not in bathrooms. With some common sense precautions and a gut of good bacteria, you may just be able to enjoy a street vendor’s (cooked) meal-on-a-stick without consequence on your next globe-trotting expedition.

Dawn Sim, a business owner, a yoga specialist and a certified American health nutritionist, has a hectic daily schedule. Part of her work is also travelling to various 4/5 star resorts worldwide to conduct yoga and health training for staff or guests. She never leaves without Lactomin in her travel pack, to avoid any travel disruptions due to traveler's diarrohea, stomach flu or stomach upset, Lactomin is always by her side, to prevent and to help relieve, should any of these stomach issues arise.

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