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LactoCran + Probiotics: A better way to manage UTI

Posted on22 Aug 2019
UTI is one of the most common condition in humans. Especially in women, 1 in 5 women aged 20-65 experience a UTI at least once a year. With the increase in antibiotic resistance and effects of antibiotics killing both good and bad bacteria, Lactocran + probiotic works in a synergistic effect combining clinically proven Cranmax with specially selected 19 probiotic strains and prebiotics to block pathogenic effects of many common UTI causing bacteria. Lactocran + is able to lower the dependency on antibiotics for the common UTI and helps to prevent recurrent UTI.
How does the specially formulated and unique Lactocran formulation help relieve UTI? Cran-M is delivered by a unique, patented system called Bio-Shield Technology. Bio Shield technology protects the Cran-M as it passes through the digestive system until it reaches the lower gastrointestinal tract where it can be better absorbed and time released for maximum effect.

Scientific research has pin point 2 best and most vital strains to help prevent urinary tract infection - Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri. These 2 strains are clinically proven to repopulate the urinary tract and hence to keep the urinary tract infections at bay. The Cran-Max in LactoCran has 60mg of Proanthocyanidins (PACs), research has shown with just 36mg of PACs, it can help relieve urinary tract infection. Thus with 60mg of PACs, will not only prevent but help relieve UTI effectively. Research has also shown when treating UTI, the higher the number of different Lactobacillus strains, the higher the probability of maintaining a healthier urinary tract flora. (eg. When vaginal flora is examined, it is known that microorganisms of Lactobacillus are dominant bacteria and form UM which demonstrates antimicrobial activity.

Inadequate treatment of genitourinary infections and recurrence lead to the shift of Lactobacillus dominancy in the normal flora to the coliform uropathogens.) There is a clear, and established relationship between vaginal flora and urogenital infections. Most of the microorganisms in the vagina stem from the gastrointestinal tract apart from the personal hygiene.

In a healthy vagina dominancy of Lactobacillus strains are observed. Many scientific studies have shown that regulation of the gastrointestinal and vaginal flora with probiotic support may prevent genitourinary infections. Since the vaginal microflora is intended to be corrected, probiotics that prevent and treat genitourinary infections should contain more Lactobacillus species.

The mechanism of action of probiotics may involve acidification of the mucosal surface, inhibition of adhesion of pathogens, production of substances such as vitamins and immunomodulators, and synergistic activity with the host’s immune system. Therefore LactoCran has 19 probiotic strains, which is probably the only UTI probiotic supplement with the most number of probiotic strains, of which 11 out of 19 strains are Lactobacillus strains, the specially selected Lactobacillus strains are the reason why such a unique combination of so many Lactobacillus strains work synergistically for a specific purpose to help relieve UTI, re-populate the gastrointestinal and urinary tract area with lactobacilli.

Lactobacilli can prevent the adherence, growth and colonization of uropathogenic bacteria. It has been shown that healthy microbial populations of Lactobacillus species have a strong inhibitory effect on E. coli. Infections treated using antibiotics reduce drug abuse, leading to drug resistance and render the natural barrier of the urinary system vulnerable to infections.

In their study, Zucotti et al. stated that probiotics could be a good alternative to antibiotic therapy because of their ability to bind to uroepithelial cells and inhibit pathogenic growth, and biosurfactant secretion. The same investigators have emphasized that oral Lactobacillus therapy can colonize these bacteria in the urinary tract following intestinal colonization. Lactocran + probiotics has a triple action formulation to help maintain a healthy urinary system, prevent and help relieve UTI.