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10 Jan 2023

How people benefited from Probiotics in 2022?

Probiotics have been in high demand over the past few years, which has shown to enhance health, build a good digestive and strong immune system. How did Probiotics fair in 2022?
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24 Oct 2022

Let's understand a natural property of Lactokids when mixed with water

Why is there a brownish or dark residue at the bottom of a cup when Lactokids is mixed with water?
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03 Aug 2022

Guardian Radiance Award 2022

Lactokids + Probiotics have been specially selected and won the Radiance Award by Guardian Awards 2022, for Kid's Probiotics Category.
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14 Apr 2022

Understanding Diarrhoea

The digestive system breaks down everything you eat and drink to absorb nutrients and make the energy your body needs. Whatever solids can’t be broken down and used get excreted as poop. Poop comes in many shapes,...
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16 Feb 2022

7 Best Pre and Probiotic Supplements For Kids To Boost Digestive...

Check out why Lactokids + Probiotics is the Top ranking kids probiotics! Apart from ensuring that the children lead a healthy lifestyle and eat balanced meals, adding probiotic supplements can actually amplify their...
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09 Dec 2021

Probiotics have shown to help alleviate pregnancy related issues...

The researchers set out to determine whether supplementing with a probiotic could be beneficial for gastrointestinal function during pregnancy.
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08 Nov 2021

Synbiotics can help boost immunity further

Synbiotics and Probiotics supplementation may offer desired benefits for consumers with autoimmune conditions.
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27 Sep 2021

Reducing and managing Stress

Managing your gut microboita can have an effect on your stress levels. Recently, there is a surging trend in more stress among people of all ages. Find out how probiotics can help do its part in reducing stress levels.
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24 Aug 2021

Mobilizing the Gut microbiome to fight viruses

There is mounting clinical evidence suggesting that microbes in the gastrointestinal system often play key roles in the severity of illnesses from chronic to acute diseases ranging from neurological to respiratory...
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