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27 Sep 2021

Reducing and managing Stress

Managing your gut microboita can have an effect on your stress levels. Recently, there is a surging trend in more stress among people of all ages. Find out how probiotics can help do its part in reducing stress levels.
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24 Aug 2021

Mobilizing the Gut microbiome to fight viruses

There is mounting clinical evidence suggesting that microbes in the gastrointestinal system often play key roles in the severity of illnesses from chronic to acute diseases ranging from neurological to respiratory...
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27 Jul 2021

Why Probiotics are important as part of your diet?

Probiotics have shown through numerous research and human consumption that it helps build a strong and healthy digestive system and builds up a strong defence system that fights and prevents bad pathogenic bacteria...
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12 Jul 2021

2021 Medical Journal On Gut Health And Its Relation to COVID-19

A finding on Why the majority of children seem to be protected from severe infection, while some individuals with certain conditions are at higher risk.
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30 Jun 2021

Probiotics has a potential role in preventing upper respiratory...

Researchers found that participants who took probiotics during the six-month study had a 27 percent lower overall incidence of upper respiratory tract symptoms compared to the placebo group.
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22 Jun 2021

Vaccine efficacy shows promising research with gut microbiota

A better understanding of how the microbiota regulates these vaccine responses may also inform the use of more tailored population-specific adjuvants to enhance responses to vaccinations
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10 Jun 2021

Probiotics associated with fewer respiratory symptoms in older people

Daily probiotic use was associated with fewer upper respiratory symptoms in overweight and older people, according to a study that suggests a potential role for probiotics in preventing respiratory infections.
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01 Jun 2021

Why does this new Covid 19 strain attacks children?

Singapore has announced a slew of strict meausres as the B.1.617 strain continues to wreak havoc, especially affecting more children than adults. "some of these virus mutations are much more virulent, and they seem to...
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24 May 2021

The Science behind Probiotics and why it works

We have trillions of bacteria living on or in us – and over 80% of these live in our gut. Over thousands of years of co-evolution, we have developed a way of working together with our bacteria, which play a hugely...
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