Lactomin Advance + Probiotics

For adults and kids above 12 years old. 100% natural, GMP Certified by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration). 3 Billion CFU, Double Protected Probiotic Strains, 10X Protection, High Efficacy, Clinically Proven, Proudly made in Korea and trusted by millions worldwide.


S$49.00 (tax incl.)

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What is Gut Microbiota?

Human gastrointestinal microbiota, also known as gut flora or gut microbiota, are the microorganisms that live in the digestive tractsof humans. A healthy gut flora = 80% good bacteria which is the key to good health. Scientific studies have shown that poor intestinal health due to an imbalancedgut flora (usually dominated by pathogenic bad bacteria) is the main cause of many chronic health problems.

Examples of the problems associated with poor gut health

Unhealthy weight - Obesity, Overweight
Loose Stool - Clear sign of poor bowel health
Poor Immunity - Fall sick regularly
Poor skin condition - Acne, Eczema, Skin flares
Poor mental health - Lethargic, tired regularly, difficulty remembering
Irregular Bowels - Difficulty moving bowels, Poor digestive health
Stomach Discomfort - Pain in stomach
Bad Breath - Especially in the mornings, built up of bad bacteria

Lifestyle that can destroy your good bacteria

Our Everyday Lifestyle can cause havoc to our health

  • High sweet intake - Can cause bad bacteria to repopulate faster
  • High alcohol consumption - High alcohol can destroy good bacteria and alter the microbial balance of bacteria
  • Lack of sleep, rest and increase stress - Affects microbial diversity
  • Frequent use of antibiotics - Destroys all good and bad bacteria, affects the gut flora diversity greatly
  • Pollution and tainted food sources - alter the gut microbial diversity
  • Unfiltered water with chemicals - can affect microbial balance of bacteria
  • Smoking - causes lung and colon cancer

Probiotics is key to a Healthy Gut Microbiota

How does probiotics help you to achieve a healthy gut flora?

Probiotics are friendly, good beneficial bacteria that provide health benefits to the host. When consumed in adequate amounts, they can improve the health of your digestive tract, restore the good bacteria and repopulate more in your gut to replace the bad bacteria that live along your gastrointestinal walls. Without good bacteria, bad bacteria will occupy the intestinal walls and colonise.

Probiotics also help the body to absorb nutrients and vitamins better. It eliminates toxic compounds from the digestive tract. Replenishing the right and good type of probiotics is highly important to maintain a good gut flora.

See the Importance of maintaining 80% good bacteria balance in your body!

Promoting Better Digestive Health

Let's be honest. Digestive problems are no fooling around: occasional upset stomach, gas, bloating, or diarrheaare uncomfortable and can worsen quality of life. Many of these digestive issues are mainly caused by an imbalance of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Fortunately, the probiotics in LactominAdvance + helps restore the natural balance of good bacteria in the intestines to help your digestive system work better and keep you feeling your best.

Why Lactomin Probiotics

Why Lactomin Probiotics? Lactomin Probiotics are Pro Health. At the center of good overall health, is good digestive health. And at the core of your body, is your digestive tract. It houses the core of your immune system and is where many vital functions occur, like breaking down food into essential nutrients and it houses the core of your immune system. So, how can you help support these vital functions and boost overall digestion?

By taking daily probiotics like Lactomin. Lactomin probiotics consist of a special combination of good bacteria. Fact is, your body contains billions of bacteria, heavily concentrated in your digestive system. Many of these bacteria live agreeably within your body. But when non-beneficial bacteria start to flourish, the friendly environment can be disrupted and wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal system. That’s when probiotic supplements can help.

Probiotics have been shown to help reduce occasional problems like gas, bloating, and diarrhea by restoring the natural balance of good bacteria and non-beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. And, since 70% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract, a balanced digestive system can also support a healthy immune system. Taken regularly, a proven daily probiotic like LactominAdvance +, can actually help your digestive system work better.

Lactomin Advance + is one of the very few probiotic products in the world with added Vitamins B and Vitamins D.

Vitamins B1 and B2: Helps the body produce energy and affect enzymes that influence the muscles, nerves and heart.
Vitamin B5: Helps to break down fats and carbs for energy. It promotes healthy skin with the ability to reduce signs of skin aging.
Vitamin B6: Helps the body break down protein and helps maintain the health of red blood cells, the nervous system and parts of the immune system.
Vitamin B9: Helps in production of red blood cells.
Vitamin D3: Helps the body use calcium and phosphorus to make strong bones and teeth.

Lactomin Advance + is one complete and holistic probiotic product that meets all your immune and digestive needs.

Why Probiotics?

 70% of the body's immune system is managed in the gut. It supports your immunity by stimulating the body's natural defences in the gut. It lines the intestines with a protective layer of beneficial bacteria.

It maintains the balance between beneficial and harmful microorganisms found in our digestive tract. It is essential for a healthy functioning digestive system. LactominAdvance + is clinically proven with clinical studies. LactominAdvance + is effective in relieving stomach upset and constipation. It also helps reduce gas and stomach bloating. It promotes better digestion and immunity.

Lactomin Advance + probiotics is specially for adults and kids above 12 years old.

It is 100% natural, GMP Certified by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration). It is proudly made in Korea and trusted by millions worldwide. LactominAdvance + promotes better digestive health through its unique (US) patented combination of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum and Streptococcus faecalis. With an addition of widely researched Lactobacillus rhamnosusand Lactobacillus plantarum. For added efficacy and health benefits. Lactominalso has vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and D3 and prebiotics.

How good a probiotic is not in the count but in survivability of strains

The survival of probiotics in nature are highly vulnerable to many factors from temperature, humidity to stomach acids. Little is communicated to consumers about survivability. Alotof communication is on whichprobiotic has more count in billions compared to another, and you will think more is better. However think again. You can consume a 100 billion count probiotic and only absorb less than 2% of the 100 billion into your gut.

Why? Simply the probiotics are non-protected and 98% of the strains would have never made it pass the stomach. Other factors include temperature and humidity. 59% of probiotic strains would have been killed in storage conditions, temperature fluctuations, humidity, etc... Even probiotics in capsules, are supposed to stay in their capsules. However when capsules are opened to consume the contents, the moment the capsule is open, the lactic acid bacteria is exposed and immediately dies.

Did you know the intestinal tract is as long as a double decker bus! Can you imagine without protection, the probiotic strains will never have made it to the intestines or through the intestinal walls.

Lactomin has a unique double microencapsulation protective system, which protects every single strain from temperature, humidity, to stomach acidic conditions. It can withstand storage temperatures of up to 33 Degrees. Wherasmost probiotic brands have to be stored at or below 25 degrees. In hot and humid Singapore, or South East Asia, it is almost impossible to store below 25 degrees, unless refrigerated or temperature controlled.

With Noltec and Enteric coating, a uniquely safe and natural protective layer formed by water properties only.It acts as a physical barrier to protect the probiotic strains from harsh conditions of the body as well as environmental stress. Releasing the probiotic strains in the strategic areas of the intestines, assures optimal delivery of strains and increase the rate of intestinal colonisation and keeps the intestinal walls healthy.

The Lactomin advantage

10 Critical and Essential areas to look out for in a good probiotic brand.

  • Quality of strains
  • Are the strains proven
  • Multi-Strains Vs Single Strain
  • How many grams of active strains per sachet
  • Survivability of strains
  • Added vitamins and prebiotics
  • Any positive effect after taking the product
  • Where is the product made
  • Certifications, Safety and Efficacy
  • Recommended and Optimal CFU, not necessary to choose over hundred of billions

Dosage Directions

Recommended Dosage (After Meals)

1 sachet daily

2-3 sachets for relieving stomach upset, constipation, or bloated stomach


Can be taken directly (Simply tear along the perforated line on the sachet)

Can be taken dissolving in room temperature water

Shelf Life

3 Years


No refrigeration required, store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


  1. Where is Lactomin made?
    Lactomin is proudly made in Korea
  2. Why does Lactomin turn blue when mixed with water?

    Under the microscope, Lactomin comprises of billions of probiotic strains, the strains are double protected by a natural coating, all organic, water coating which have undergone stringent tests, heavily researched, the world's first NOLTEC protection system. The blue colour properties are a trademark of the NOLTEC protective layer and turns blue when mixed with liquids. This is the pure nature of the water protective coating. This natural blue nature, differentiates lactomin from many other powder probiotic brands which are mostly white, of which have no or little protection resulting in poor survivability when orally administered. Lactomin is approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) and HSA (Health Sciences Authority) Singapore. Lactomin range of probiotics are 100% safe for children and adults.

  3. Is Lactomin safe for pregnant women?

    Yes, Lactomin is 100% safe for pregnant women. However if you experience hypersensitive reactions, please consult your medical professional for medical advise.

  4. Is Lactomin safe for those with Lactose intolerance?

    Lactose intolerance (LI) occurs when the small intestine does not make enough of an enzyme called lactase. Your body needs lactase to break down, or digest, lactose.

    The diagnosis of LI based on patients' symptoms is sometimes problematic, since these symptoms are not specific and may differ from one patient to another.

    The presence of lactase producing bacteria especially Lactobacillus acidophilus, contribute to the digestion and absorption of lactose. Lactomin is also safe for adults with LI and has active Lactobacillus acidophilus strain which can help with LI condition. As symptoms of LI are not specific and differ from one individual to another. LI conditions can range from mild to severe cases. It is still recommended and best to seek your medical professional for medical advice on unique cases.

  5. Does Lactomin cause you to gain weight?

    The taste of sweetness is from the added prebiotics (Fructo-oligosaccharide or FOS) which are plant based and are natural. FOS have a number of interesting properties, including a low sweetness intensity; they are also calorie free, and are considered as soluble dietary fibre. Furthermore, FOS have important beneficial effects such as low carcinogenicity, a prebiotic effect, improved mineral absorption and decreased levels of serum cholesterol, triacylglycerols and phospholipids. Currently FOS are increasingly included due to their prebiotic effect to stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora. With the combination of probiotics and prebiotics, it works strongly together to grow and populate good beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.
    Lactomin is probiotic health supplement which is not unhealthy and consumption of it has no impact on weight gain. It does not add calories to your diet.

    It is 100% safe, and highly beneficial to build immunity and healthy digestion.

  6. Where is Lactomin sold?

    Lactomin advance + is sold at Guardian pharmacies, Watsons pharmacies, BHG Welcia, Nishino and selected medical clinics.

  7. When is the best time to take Lactomin?

    Lactomin can be taken any time, preferably after meals. Recommended will be morning, after breakfast.

  8. Are there any side effects?

    You may experience some mild bloating / slight watery stool when you first start taking probiotics. This is a normal reaction as the intestinal environment is being balanced. Usually in a few days, these effects will go away and you can feel the good effects of better digestion and normal stool.

  9. Do not confuse pathogenic streptococcus faecalis and good S.Faecalis YIT 0027 Bacteria.

    They sound exactly the same but differ very greatly. Streptococcus / Enterococcus faecalis is a spherical bacteria that is part of the normal flora of humans. In fact, according to Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology, Streptococcus / Enterococcus faecalis is commonly found in the vaginal and intestinal regions of about 40 to 80 percent of individuals. Apart from humans and animals, this bacteria can also be found in the soil and water. While some strains of Enterococcus faecalis can cause opportunistic and hospital-acquired infections in humans, many other good strains have been used for a variety of beneficial purposes by both nature and man. However S.faecalis YIT 0027 found in Lactomin is a good beneficial lactic acid bacteria with highly beneficial benefits.

  10. What is S.faecalis YIT 0027? (Found in Lactomin and Lactokids)

    S.faecalis YIT 0027 produces a toxin known as bacteriocin that inhibits pathogenic bacteria.

    • Helps treat acne. Streptococcus faecalis has the ability to inhibit the growth of a bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, which is commonly associated with acne.
    • Helps treat various types of diarrhea, IBS, acute as well as rotavirus induced.
    • Helps treat irritable bowel syndrome.

    Along with other bacteria that are part of the normal flora, S.faecalis YIT 0027 prevents the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the body of its host by competing with the pathogens for binding sites and nutrients.

    They may also prime the immune system by inducing the production of low levels of antibodies against its own components which, in turn, makes the immune system more efficient. These characteristics of S.faecalis YIT 0027 are used for the production of probiotics which are dietary supplements and foods that help to treat conditions such as infectious diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, tooth decay and periodontal disease, and vaginal infections.

  11. Is S.faecalis YIT 0027 found in Lactomin Advance + Probiotics?

    Yes, It is a good lactic acid bacteria. S.faecalis YIT 0027 is a gram positive bacterium belonging to the lactic acid bacteria group. Streptococcus faecalis is found in the region from the upper to lower part of small intestines. On proliferation, it yields lactic acid with inhibition of growth of harmful bacteria.


"I was having stomach problems, diarrhea for 2-3 days, Watsons pharmacist recommended Lactomin, took 3 sachets twice daily, next day, stomach condition improved and diarrhea stopped. Never took probiotics before, this is remarkable! Been taking daily now! Highly recommend!"

- Frank Tan

"I was in Jakarta, and had bad travellers diarrhea, a colleague of mine passed me a few sachets of Lactomin, was totally impressed by the speed of relieving my diarrhea! Within an hour, it was gone and i could focus on my work agenda! Love Lactomin!"

- Joseph S

"I am a health care avid, am more concerned with preventative care than I am with trying to fix a problem once it happens. That being said, I have now been taking Lactomin for well over 3 weeks now and I have really noticed a big difference in my overall digestive health, in fact it has returned me to my regular schedule. The taste is so good, too good to be true on the taste! It makes taking probiotics so easy! I haven't experienced any stomach issues since then. It is now my permanent addition to my daily supplement regimen. Highly recommend Lactomin!"

- Amy Lim

"My dad is over 60 years old and has been expereincing loose bowels movement frequently for the last few years, so he had to eat charcoal pills to stop the movement. Until he started trying Lactomin a few months ago, he felt Lactomin really helped his health and well being. Now he does not experience the daily loose bowel movements, feels so much healthier, is able to control his diet and his trips to the rest room. He highly recommends to his friends and others who would like to improve their digestive system and immune function."

- Lu Fei

"A friend recommended Lactomin to me, i gave it to my 5 year old son who was having constant diarrhea problems. It helped him, after a few rounds of 3 sachets per day, his gut improved tremendously and now is as good as new! He does not have any diarrhea problems anymore, Highly recommend for kids with digestion issues."

- Nikki Toyo

"Thank you Lactomin! The quality of my life everyday has dramatically improved! I take one daily and ever since then by bowels have improved dramatically! Can feel it! Amazing!"

- Stephanie Goh

"Lactomin has made a great difference in my life! After taking it daily, it has improved my immunity and my digestion is so much better and easier now!"

- Linda Lee

"I have gone through so much difficulty with a problematic digestive system, till one day, I was introduced Lactomin. As I travel to developing countries very often, I am exposed to poor hygiene and multitude of nasty bacteria. After taking Lactomin daily, my gut has improved tremendously, I don't experience that intense difficulty with my gut and Lactomin has also helped built a stronger digestive system which I can support this claim as I am less vulnerable to having digestive problems when I travel. It's a product that has helped me a lot and I highly recommend to everyone!"

- Yvonne H

"For over 5 years my digestive tract has been like a volatile stock market. Then a year ago, my aunt said that she was having a problem with her digestive tract and she had started taking Lactomin probiotics daily, and she felt so much better. So, I tried them, and after 5 years of my digestive tract controlling me, I finally got in control of my digestive tract. I love this product. It taste so good and works great. Make sure you drink water after taking the powder probiotics!"

- Johnson Yap

"After spending so much money and so much time trying expensive probiotic products, I finally purchased Lactomin about a 2 weeks ago. I was surprised at how quickly it began to work! I take one in the morning, and all is well! Best part it is priced reasonably and cheaper than other probiotic brands, plus it works as well, if not even better!"

- Asher Chan

"A friend told me about this after I told her of my digestive problems. I was not sure I wanted to take on a daily basis. But when my GP agreed I should be taking them. I decided to give it a shot. I have now been taking Lactomin daily for about 2 years and what a difference it really makes! My digestive problems are all gone!"

- Rick Clay

"My 7 year old daughter loves taking lactomin! She just can't stop popping lactomin! Good thing it a supplement, if not i will be in trouble. She takes once a day, sometimes twice. I have seen her gut improved as she does everything with ease and daily. The taste is so good, she says its like taking "Horlicks sweet!" With a healthy digestive system taken care of, she can focus on her priorities."

- Jessie Ong

"My 7 year old daughter loves taking lactomin! She just can't stop popping lactomin! Good thing it a supplement, if not i will be in trouble. She takes once a day, sometimes twice. I have seen her gut improved as she does everything with ease and daily. The taste is so good, she says its like taking "Horlicks sweet!" With a healthy digestive system taken care of, she can focus on her priorities."

- Jessie Ong

"As i travel frequently, My wife will always pass me a few sachets of Lactomin for every business trip. Never did take, till on my China trip, came down with very bad diarrhea and had no choice but to take Lactomin. I must say, not only do i need to thank my wife, but Lactomin too! Saved me from the agony of bad diarrhea, very high efficacy, after taking 4 sachets, the diarrhea stopped and my system restored. Ever since then, believed in Lactomin. I am taking it daily too as it has help my digestion alot, especially from lots of entertaining. Great product"

- Lincoln Daniels

"Lactomin is retailing at Guardian pharmacy too! My 5 year old son came down with diarrhea, bought Lactomin at Guardian, gave him 3 sachets after each meal. Amazingly, after the 3rd meal, his diarrhea stopped. This probiotic really works! All natural and no side effects, this is what i really love about probiotics! Been taking it as a family everyday to maintain a healthy digestion too!"

- Lisa Tan

"For the past 2 years, i have been taking a couple of probiotic brands. Most of them claim many benefits, however in reality, i do not see the results. I came across Lactomin and decided to give it a try. This is one brand i can confidently conclude it works! It helped treat my travellers diarrhea and ever since taking it regularly, my digestion has improved tremendously."

- Esther Gopal

"My family doctor recommended Lactomin to me when i was having stomach upset, i told my doctor i do not want probiotics and wanted Imodium. However he said "this is better to relieve, easier to restart the system" I took Lactomin for 2 days as indicated, and wow! It not only treated by diarrhea, i could answer the call with ease. I am now an advocate of Lactomin! My entire family takes it now."

- Lee Soong Kee

"Thank you lactomin! A friend recommended lactomin and at first I was skeptical, thought what good can a probiotic do for me? However decided to give it a try, surprisingly, after taking lactomin for a few days, answering the call of nature became easier and better. I felt so relieved! Now i do not suffer from diffculty of answerimg the call. Amazing probiotic that really helps me!"

- Sam Goodridge

"My GP recommended lactomin for my diarrhea, after taking lactomin for 2 days, my diarrhea improved and was relieved! Effective and easy probiotic to take, it is so palatable that i even love the taste! Thumbs up!"

- Oliver Lam

"I have been taking Lactomin for the past 2 months, it is a very good probiotic product. It helped my digestion, improved the condition of my gut as i was experiencing loose stool frequently, but it return to normal after 4 days of taking 3 sachets of Lactomin daily. Now been taking one a day and never been better! I have been recommending to most of my friends."

- Jeffrey Lim

"I was suffering from IBS, was recommended to try Lactomin, ever since then, my problems were gone and i am back to my normal self. Truly value for $ and effective probiotics!"

- Danny See

Series One Clinical Studies

Documented Series I ​For Series One Clinical Studies Patients taking part in the clinical trials stopped using other drugs such as antibiotics, hormones, adsorbents, astringents or lubricants before the trials began. Effect of the microbe composition of this invention on treating diarrhea and constipation. 540 patients (inc adults and children) The total effective rate for the test group was 97.5% From the results of the clinical trials. it can be concluded: The microbe composition of this invention is effective in treating various kinds of diarrhea.

This invention provides a microbe composition comprising of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus faecalis. The combination of three bacterium strains has an advantage over a single bacterium strain preparation since each of the three bacterium strains has its characteristics and specialized roles and is synergetic with each other.

Third Series Clinical Program

Expanded Program for further clinical studies

Conducted at 80 hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai further tested the efficacy of the microbe composition in 1,321 patients inc 866 adults and 455 children. Treatment of constipation was conducted on 94 adults and 61 children, the total marked effective rate was 77.5% and 88.5% respectively.