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NRMCC noltec microencapsulation for probiotic protection

Posted on02 Feb 2021

NRMCC noltec microencapsulation is a special double protective layer that protects our probiotic strains from temperature fluctuations, stomach gastric juice & acid and changes in environment. It prevents degradation of the probiotic strains, hence preserving the stability and efficacy of the strains.

NRMCC double microencapsulation technology, is first in the world, using water properties only, no organic solvents and guarantees the survivability of probiotic strains right to the intestines. This is highly unique to our probiotics and ensures optimal delivery to your intestines. This is also why many customers have testified that Lactomin/Lactokids help to relieve their stomach upset fast and effectively. This is a testament to our quality of probiotics and it produces results.