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Lactomin Probiotics are Pro Health. At the center of good overall health, is good digestive health. And at the core of your body, is your digestive tract. It houses the core of your immune system and is where many vital functions occur, like breaking down food into essential nutrients and it houses the core of your immune system. So, how can you help support these vital functions and boost overall digestion?

By taking daily probiotics like Lactomin. Lactomin probiotics consist of a special combination of good bacteria. Fact is, your body contains billions of bacteria, heavily concentrated in your digestive system. Many of these bacteria live agreeably within your body. But when non-beneficial bacteria start to flourish, the friendly environment can be disrupted and wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal system. That’s when probiotic supplements can help.

For adults and kids above 12 years old. 100% natural, GMP Certified by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration). 3 Billion CFU, Double Protected Probiotic Strains, 10X Protection, High Efficacy, Clinically Proven, Proudly made in Korea and trusted by millions worldwide.                
S$49.00 (tax incl.)
LactoCran + probiotics work in a synergistic triple effect combining clinically proven CranMax with specially selected 19 probiotic strains and prebiotics to block the pathogenic effects of many common UTI causing bacteria. LactoCran + is able to help relieve and prevent urinary tract infection (UTI) and recurrent UTI. Made in Korea                
S$59.00 (tax incl.)
Lactokids + is specially formulated for kids. It has 10 billion active probiotics to boost your child's immunity and build a strong digestive system. It is GMP (Good Manufacturer's Practice) certified by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration). It has the World's First and only Double Microencapsulation by Novarex which assures Over 90% of the probiotics enters the gut and achieves a very high survivability rate. Lactokids is one of the very few probiotic brands with 9 probiotic strains, colostrum, calcium, Vitamins B & D and prebiotics.  Made in Korea                
S$68.00 (tax incl.)
The World’s first and leading Award-Winning Probiotic that employs a traditional, 100% natural fermentation process uniquely from Japan.    Resulting in highly effective, powerful all natural premium probiotic. Unique Japanese fermentation technique which is able to maintain the Live Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria and hence allowing the product to be stored Without Refrigeration. Developed with the Highest Standards & Strictest Quality Controls in a controlled environment, under Japan’s Health Authority & every capsule is hygienically encased in blister packs. Over 180 types of Organic Herbs, Plants & Berries fermented for over 6 years. Made in Japan
S$139.00 (tax incl.)
B-glucan (Beta-glucan) ball helps protect your immune system with NK cells, a type of white blood cell that works as a natural guard to protect your body. Super Immune Booster. Made in Japan.
S$149.80 (tax incl.)
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