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Probiotics play a critical role for Seniors

Posted on28 Nov 2019

The probiotics market is experiencing unprecedented year on year growth.

The IPA is excited to be in a burgeoning industry which is backed by up and coming science. It is noteworthy that probiotics are no longer relegated to digestive health categories on the shelf. In the past decade, large research monies, most notably the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome Project, have spurred discovery that the microbiota is integral to the immune system, metabolic systems, and respiratory system and may prevent or treat many chronic diseases and disorders.

This remarkable expansion of duties or rather ‘discovered capabilities’ will be a force behind increased adoption of their applications. Aging populations across many continents, most notably North America and Western Europe, are also a driver for increased consumption. As people age, health needs escalate and interest in health generally increases as well. Rising healthcare costs are propelling enhanced attention to prevention across the sphere of health care.

Probiotics are part of the strategy for many consumers and health practitioners. Efforts to translate this groundbreaking knowledge into viable health care prevention and treatment continue to progress beyond the more established microbial sites such as the gastrointestinal tract and the easily accessible ones, including the vagina, urinary tract and oral cavity. Indeed, mounting evidence suggests that the microbiota influences health beyond the customary sites.