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Singaporeans Top 2 Favourite Pastimes

Posted on01 Jul 2020
1. Food!

Singaporeans have been eating more and more over the past two decades - but why? According to the experts, much of it boils down to people being spoilt for choice and opting for convenience over health. In other words, people are more likely to grab dessert or a snack between meals, just because they can.

Busy lifestyles also mean that many eat out, or opt for easy-to-prepare processed food, which is typically higher in calories. But what is it about lifestyles and environments that have changed over the past 20 years?

First, said Professor Jeyakumar Henry, Singaporeans are increasingly surrounded by a diverse plethora of food - and that can make them want to eat more. The science behind this phenomenon is known as sensory specific satiety, where a person gets "desensitised" to a certain taste but quickly regains his appetite once he is served something new - for example, dessert. "If you repeatedly eat the same food, you get tired of it," said Prof Henry, head of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre.

"But in Singapore, we have the fortune of having increasing access to diverse foods, and food variety always increases food intake." Many people also opt for takeaway or processed food like nuggets and hot dogs without realising how many extra calories they consume by doing so. Such food tends to be more calorie-dense because of the amounts of fat, sugar or salt used to make it tastier.

Therefore as most Singaporeans eat out due to hectic, fast-paced lifestyles, convenience, spoilt of choice food selection and reasonable food prices, we are what we eat, thus it will make more sense to take Lactomin / Lactokids probiotics daily to line our gut with good bacteria, improve digestion and build a stronger gut.

With all the food we consume, we never know the source and method of cooking, thus why take the risk of not protecting your gut when it is the most vital part of your body as we Singaporeans love eating!

Lactomin and Lactokids are specially formulated and intensely researched to provide our stomach and intestines with the essential mix of good bacteria, with the patented double protection, ensuring over 90% of probiotic strains survive the harsh acidic conditions of the body, the survivability of strains are one of the highest compared to other brands and this ensures optimal delivery to your stomach and intestines.

This is also one very critical part of our probiotics, it produces results, almost anyone suffering from stomach upset, with Lactomin / Lactokids with the recommended dose, will see a positive result in relieving stomach upset.

2. Travel Life in the little red dot can get stressful at times and it’s no surprise that Singaporeans are crazy about travel, even if it’s only a short getaway to recharge one’s energies.

Singaporeans took an average of 5.2 trips in the last 12 months, with almost half of the trips lasting just three to six days, a survey commissioned by performance marketing technology company Criteo showed on Friday (April 28). Among the other key findings, 52 per cent of Singaporeans booked their trips between one and four months before departure, and they are most likely to do so while at home (79 per cent) on a weekend, although they would already have browsed on weekdays (56 per cent).

With so much travelling, excitement to travel, travelling cost and planning in travelling, why would you want to risk travel disruptions? Lactomin and Lactokids are individually packed similar to your 3 in 1 coffee sachets, this makes it very convienent to bring along for travelling, just packed a few and travel with it. You never know what stomach related surprises can develop, therefore it will be best to be always prepared with Lactomin / Lactokids + Probiotics. Each sachet can withstand climate changes and keeps the probiotics fresh.

Don't leave home without it!
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