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Stay at Home! Stay at Home!

Posted on23 Apr 2020
Covid 19 is a pandemic and has overtaken SARS. The severity of the virus is taking the world by storm. Singapore has not been spared and we have been recording record numbers daily. Since there is no vaccine and cure, the best way forward is take preventive steps.

As Covid attacks the body's immune system, it can cause massive failures to internal organs, lungs, etc...The shut down of the immune system makes this virus highly dangerous and put us all at risk.

There is still no good treatment for Covid-19, said infectious diseases experts from the two public institutions that have cared for the largest number of infected patients here. NCID doctors are looking into many ways of treating the patients, such as "using immune therapies or using other forms such as convalescent plasma to be able to complement supportive treatment in our patients".

Prof Fisher said that because of the lack of an effective treatment, it is important to try to keep the number of people infected as low as possible. There are now more than 3,500 Covid-19 patients in hospitals around the country.
His greatest wish today: "I would love a tablet that we could drop in all the unaffected dorm workers now so as to prevent them getting it."

ST 23/04/20

Unfortunately till a cure or vaccine is successfully available, we need to take preventive measures. As most of us are at home now, taking our supplements daily, should not be a problem. As the famous saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." Load up with vitamins and probiotics daily!

The key takeaway is [Immunity], is key to help prevention.
Boost your immunity with probiotics, vitamins, healthy meals, adequate sleep and regular exercise.

Both probiotics and vitamin C act on the immune system, through either local immunity and/or innate and adaptive processes. Probiotics, in mixtures and single compounds, reduced the number of participants experiencing acute episodes by 47% compared to placebo. Vitamin C has also been included in many studies related to immune health and URTIs. 70% of our body’s immune system is managed in the gut. Keep your gut strong and healthy today!

Find out more on probiotics for boosting immunity 
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