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Why i choose Lactomin probiotics

Posted on15 Oct 2019

Probiotics are the live bacteria that live in your body and keep your gut healthy. These friendly bacteria patrol your intestines and keep your digestive system running smoothly by helping digest food, destroying harmful pathogens and producing vitamins. Lactomin has the combination of proven strains that keeps my gut healthy by lining my intestines with good beneficial bacteria to prevent bad, pathogenic bacteria from occupying the walls of the intestines.

Probiotics are especially helpful after a round of antibiotics, as these drugs kill both infectious and healthy bacteria. When healthy bacteria are killed off, the harmful bacteria flourish, often leading to diarrhea or other digestive troubles. Whenever i have to be on a round of antibiotics, i usually increase my lactomin dosage from one to two sachets a day to ensure, after antibiotics, it kills both the good and bad bacteria, Lactomin goes into the critical areas of my gut to replace and repopulate the good bacteria, therefore i have seen the results of lactomin by reducing the incidence or even eliminating loose stool after antibiotics.

Having a healthy gut flora means an abundance for your health, digestion, wellbeing and even beauty! There is ongoing communication between your GI and your brain known as the gut brain axis. This means a healthy gut can benefit the regularity of your digestion as well as cognitive function like mood and depression, and even the health and appearance of your skin.

I do know that not all probiotics are created equal. The Lactobacilli, for instance, live in our digestive, urinary and genital systems and can be found in Lactomin. Bifidobacteria normally live in the intestines as lactic acid bacteria, and are also found in Lactomin.

Adding to this whenever i have stomach upset or traveller's diarrhea, i take Lactomin from 2-3 sachets, depending on the severity, and it has never fail to deliver. The diarrhea stops and i am back to doing what i need to. This proves Lactomin works and the results are remarkable!

If you have not tried or do not believe the benefits of Lactomin, i would certainly encourage you to try Lactomin today. You will see the difference.

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